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Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2010, 03:44 pm

Hey wow, totally forgot this was here. So to update.

o Got married and uhh coming up rapidly one year anniversary
o Same job but not for much longer.
o Bought house and now relatively moved in, even started doing the garden and foh-shizzle.
o Still have the car despite me going all piratical on some nutjob in a 4x4, few dents and scrapes but just means people think twice before cutting me up. Missing wing mirror back but thats entirely unrelated to my piratical ways..
o J started volenteering at Bletchley Park only to stop again due to soaring petrol prices and not being allowed to do anything interesting.
o I'll be stopping volnteering at guides due to work pressures and the fact the kids are evil.
o I recovered from the appendicitis and nearly chopping my fingers off, stitches are out and I'm left with some sexy scars. Chicks dig scars.
o Js changed jobs twice and is now back at the same company as his last post, hopefully a deal more stable this time.

I can't actually remember anything else that's happened since then. Few weddings, including my own, a funeral..ohhh heeeeyy..Its actually gonna be 4 weddings and a funeral in the space of just over a year. Ha! Well thats entertained me for the rest of the day, thanks to Chloe&Jim, Sigh&Emily, Tom&Janine and my husband for the weddings and a heavenward wave to my godfather who's undoubtedly misbehaving up there until his wife catches upto him, may it be a long time coming.

I do hope everyones well. Seen lots of pictures of pudgy babies and toddlers of various states of pudge so I can only presume that everyones doing well, or are at least afluent enough in health, heart and finance to afford sprogs.

Mon, May. 11th, 2009, 03:53 pm

Does anyone else have those moments of sheer lunacy when they're sitting in a meeting and say something that seems like a good idea at the time but actually just winds you up with a load of funny looks and chairs being shuffled not so subtly away?

Or when something pops into your head and out your mouth before you can stop it? Thought snot.


How about when you're just sitting quietly minding your own business and something funny occurs to you and before you know it you're in hysterics and once more your colleagues are staring at you in horror...

Its not just me is it?

Thu, May. 7th, 2009, 02:49 pm
Race for Life

You'll be glad (or indifferent) to know that I managed to hit my target of £100 raised for Cancer research UK and completed the Race for Life Sunday past. I'm not sure how much the girls raised together but I believe it to be in the region of £150-200 but shall have a more accurate figure after the next meeting for those of you who are interested.

In other news. Wedding stuff - still going, house - forms forms forms, work - still have a job

Life = Good
Work = Bad
If Work(time) > Life(time) then Kaz(mood) = Stompy.



Tue, Apr. 7th, 2009, 04:01 pm
Great Scott!

2 posts in 2 months! "What on earth is going on?!" I hear you cry. Well I shall put you out of your misery and tell you. Quite frankly, I'm only here because I want your money! Thats right all of it, just put it in the bag, back away slowly and tie your wrists with these zip ties..no? Ok so moving swiftly on...

In the coming months I shall be running the Race for Life with the Norwich St Albans 23rd Girl Guides and I'm asking you lovely people out there to dig into your pockets and sponsor myself and the girls. Because if I'm going to be dragged into running 5k with 20 shrieking teenagers I'm not going to be doing it for free...

But seriously, its for a good cause. I'm sure everyone out there reading this knows someone who has either had cancer, has cancer or has been adversely affected by cancer.  My godfather is fighting it as I type, so please, it doesn't matter how much, just show a little support. Mug your colleagues and get them to show some support, mug your families and friends..hell mug the back of your sofa cushions because, as that irritating woman in the Tescos ads says, "every little helps"


I'll nag no more,


Wed, Mar. 11th, 2009, 09:56 am
Still here

Soo yeah..hi. Still alive and stuff for anyone that still bothers checking this what with my incredibly slack postings.

Got marriage date/venue/dress n whatnot with minimal fuss but I shalln't bore people with details. Suffice to say invites shall be going out to the family over the next few months/as soon as I pull my finger out and get em sorted.

Buying a house, see mchicago and his numerous pictures. If you want more images you'll have to ask him more questions :D

Got an iPhone which I'm currently posting from, rather nifty though a bit yupiesque but Ive found some useful molecule manipulation and periodic table programs linked to an all you need to know chemical data reference program, which make me feel less dirty.

Uhh that's about it really, recovered from appendicitis, still have that chemical analyst job, still haven't won the lottery or blown myself up.

Bye then :)

Tue, Aug. 26th, 2008, 11:33 am

BooksCollapse )
Not as uncultured as I like to think I am it seems...or maybe I am since I was forced to read and hated a large portion of them. Damn school English lessons, why don't they let you read decent books?

I strongly object to some absolute legends being missed off there. Wheres R. Feist, D. Eddings or even T. Goodkind not to mention Rob Grant and his absolutely hysterical "Incompetence" now those are good books. Not that absolute load of tosh they make you read in school or you're compelled to read in order to become a "cultured well rounded individual" 

By choice I wouldn't have read a single one of those books short of Hitchhikers. Isn't reading supposed to be an enjoyable recreational passtime? So why bog yourself down in that load of antiquated rubbish. Bring on the trashy novels! and bring on the flames and disowning by mchicago

Sat, Jul. 26th, 2008, 09:54 pm

Jeeeeese. H. You-know-who on a unicycle that bloomin' hurt (*awaits lightening blot striking her down*)

Well given the way my lucks been going I'm sure I can be excused for the blaspheming, I like to think its all of my piss poor Maltby luck deserting me before I join the lucky ranks of the Taylors.

See mchicago for various details on what precisely hurt. I'm off to take more pain meds.

Thank you all for your kind concern and well wishings, I am on the road to recovery and shall be drinking your tea again soon.

Thu, Jan. 24th, 2008, 04:22 pm

To let everyone know I'm still alive and have found my livejournal account again.

Wed, Aug. 1st, 2007, 10:15 pm
Pop...spot the hidden text *cough*

Kaz on Graduation day Kaz on Graduation day
(Oooo! tassels!)
Cheesy Grin Cheesy Grin
(Don't toy with me you saucy minx!)
The congregation hall The congregation hall
(Rickety stairs leading upto stage)
The handshake The handshake
(Guy mutters something to you...you smile, nod and shake his hand surrupticiously wiping it on your robe after)
Drunken Kaz Drunken Kaz
(Wouldn't you be?)

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